About Us

Online Store, Pragoti Industries Limited

Pragoti Industries Limited (PIL) is a well reputed Govt. organization for its pioneering role in the transport sector of Bangladesh. Since its inception in 1966 it has assembled and marketed more than 50,000 vehicles such as cars, Jeeps, Buses, Trucks, Pickup, Ambulance, Tractors etc. of multiple models by importing CKD(Complete Knocked Down ) kits. Our Factory is located on the Dhaka-Chittagong highway at Barabkund, Sitakund, which is only 30 Km faraway from port city Chittagong and established on 25 Acres of land with the capacity of 2000 Vehicles in a single shift per year. The Factory is well equipped with the all essential machineries and equipments for Fabrication, Assembling, Body Building, Painting , Inspecting and Testing of automotive.

To provide a better way to place purchase-order for motor vehicles through modern telecom devices, PIL has planned to estabilish online system for order placement which will be covenient to the valuable clients. We are trying to make purchase procedures of vehicles as easy as possible.